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European Young Endocrine Scientists (EYES) Committee

Maximilian Bielohuby
Gesthimani Mintziori

Committee remit

  1. To communicate the opinions, suggestions and expectations of early career endocrinologists to ESE.
  2. To report on activities such as meetings and symposia, etc. for inclusion in the the ESE Newsletter.
  3. To organise a symposia session at the annual ECE.
  4. To be a liaison with other early career endocrine groups.
  5. The Executive Committee member is required to liaise with the ESE Executive

Download EYES Committee remit (pdf) (99kb)

Committee membership

Committee members

Maximilian Bielohuby (Germany) (Chair)
2012 to 2016
Gesthimani Mintziori (Greece) (Chair)
2015 to 2018
Filip Gabalec (Czech Republic) (Full Member)
2013 to 2017
Tatjana Isailovic (Serbia) (Full Member)
2014 to 2019
Carmelo Quarta (Germany) (Full Member)
2012 to 2016
Elahu Sustarsic (Germany) (Full Member)
2014 to 2018
Johanna van den Beukel (Netherlands) (Full Member)
2014 to 2018


Declarations of interest (pdf)(324kb)

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