Nurses' Working Group

The Nurses’ Working Group sits under the umbrella of, and reports to, the Clinical Committee chaired by Jerome Bertherat.

Chair(s): Sofia Llahana

Working Group remit

  1. To be advocates for the Society's Nurses' Group and increase visibility and communication
  2. To provide a support network and mentorship for endocrine nurses across Europe
  3. To establish relationships with endocrine and diabetes nurses’ groups in Europe and internationally
  4. To promote the education and training and develop materials for nurses including a web page(s), handouts/flyers for both delegates and other interested parties
  5. To develop and advise on dedicated sessions for nurses at the Society's annual ECE meeting
  6. To promote advanced practice and to raise the profile of endocrine nurses as vital members of the multidisciplinary team throughout Europe
  7. To provide a community for endocrine nurses and identify/share expertise in the specialty

Download Nurses' Working Group remit (pdf) (345kb)

Committee membership

Committee members

Sofia Llahana (United Kingdom) (Chair)
2013 to 2020
Sherwin Criseno (United Kingdom)
2017 to 2021
Andrew Dwyer (Switzerland) (Full Member)
2016 to 2020
Cecilia Follin (Sweden) (Full Member)
2013 to 2018
Janina Kirchner (Germany) (Full Member)
2017 to 2021
Elisabeth Rutten (Belgium) (Full Member)
2014 to 2018
Christine Yedinak (United States of America) (Full Member)
2017 to 2021

Ex officio members

Jerome Bertherat (France) (Ex officio)
2015 to 2019
Aart J Van Der Lely (Netherlands) (Ex officio)
2015 to 2019