21 September 2016

National Affiliate Membership

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As of September 2016 members of ESE's National Affiliated Societies will benefit from a discount on their ESE membership fees.

This discounted rate will take the form of a new membership category, the ESE National Affiliate Member, and is available to current as well as new ESE members.

The new membership fees are as follows:
• Ordinary rate: €80 standard. €55 for National Affiliate Members
• Reduced rate (including Nurses): €35 standard. €20 for National Affiliate Members
• In-Training rate: €20 standard. €10 for National Affiliate Members

With the support of ECAS (the European Council of Affiliated Societies), ESE has built stronger relationships across Europe and with this new category, exclusive to members of ESE’s National Affiliated Societies, it is now easier for you to benefit from both the support of your National Society and the wider pan-European community available through ESE.

Being a National Affiliate Member of ESE will enable you to have your voice heard not only within your National Society but also across the European stage, while at the same time reducing the costs associated with membership of multiple societies. National Affiliate Members receive all the benefits of ESE Membership available to standard members.

For more information please visit the ESE membership pages.