18 October 2016

Practical course in clinical andrology for endocrinologists – EAA and ESE

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We are pleased to announce a new collaboration between the European Academy of Andrology and the European Society of Endocrinology

This collaboration will take the form of practical courses in clinical andrology for endocrinologists, and joint symposia on a biennial basis.  The practical courses will take place prior to the European Congress of Endocrinology, and the joint symposia will take place at the ECE and at the European Congress of Andrology.

The first course will be held on 20 May 2017 prior to ECE 2017 in Lisbon.  The course will be interactive and will be accredited by the EAA with 2 educational credits for the “EAA Clinical Andrologist” exam.  Further information is available on the ECE 2017 website.
The course is open to ECE 2017 delegates and non-delegates.
Further information is available here.

Please join us in Lisbon!