15 February 2017

Open letter on recent developments in science in the US from EuroScience co-signed by ESE

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A large number of major European organisations in the area of science, research, innovation and higher education have written an Open Letter to European Prime Ministers, ministers responsible for those same areas, as well as the President of the European Council and of the European Commission, and Commissioner Carlos Moedas for Research and Innovation to express their concern about recent developments in the US.

Immigration restrictions, limitations for scientists to communicate and publish freely, and giving unwarranted credibility to views in e.g. climate science or vaccine safety not based on facts and sound science are at odds with basic principles underlying scientific progress. European governments and the leaders in the EU are called upon to uphold these principles themselves and to work with their counterparts in the US administration to maintain a global science system based on these principles.

To read the full letter visit: