29 March 2017

The European Society of Endocrinology is changing

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The European Society of Endocrinology is changing.

We are pleased to introduce our new visual identity to you! Many of you have been included in our workshops and surveys, which has helped us to develop this new look.  We are very happy to finally unveil it to you all. A huge thank you to our members and all involved in this project; we hope you all come to recognise this as the sign of progress and inclusivity that it represents.             

We aim to do even more to represent endocrinology in Europe and beyond, and with our new identity we can truly take up our place as the centre of Europe’s endocrine community, speaking with one united voice to stand up for this most important of disciplines.

We aim, through this change, to  powerfully show our commitment to shaping the future of endocrinology, improving both science and the health of patients everywhere in the process.  

The logo is designed around collaboration, capturing our work uniting the endocrine community to improve patient care in Europe and around the world. The swirling, linked colours show our belief in working together, and allow us to be bold in a crowded world. The blue tones connect us to our proud past, whilst the new design shows our drive into the future.

Our major goals are:

  • To be at the heart of the endocrine community in Europe, acknowledged as the reference point for endocrine science, knowledge and health
  • To provide continuous endocrine related education and training provision for all career stages in clinical practice and basic research
  • To foster early-career basic and clinical endocrinologists, creating a dynamic community which will inspire them to become endocrinologists and remain in endocrinology
  • To continue to run the leading European endocrine congress, ensuring it is kept current, attractive across the Focus Areas, and viewed as the ‘must attend’ event for endocrinologists across Europe

A big part of this development is the website. As you will see the look of our website has changed to fit the new identity, but will be undergoing a much larger redevelopment over the summer to truly meet the needs and requirements of you, our members, and the wider endocrine community.

European Society of Endocrinology
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