15 May 2017

ECE On Demand - access content from ECE 2017 online and make the most of the congress

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ESE is pleased to announce a new development to help you make the most of ECE 2017

This year you will be able to view more content than ever before with the new ECE On Demand site. This will provide access to abstracts, plenary lectures, symposia and so much more during and after the Congress.

The ECE On Demand App will provide up to date information on the scientific programme, maps of the venue, a full list of exhibitors and general information about the Congress. In addition it will give access to all content, including webcasts of the sessions (subject to presenter permissions). Session information is all fully searchable and you can save any sessions to a personal calendar as well as taking part in live voting during sessions.

ECE On Demand will be available at a fully discounted rate to ECE 2017 delegates and ESE members – you will simply need to log in using your registered email address.

The ECE On Demand App will be available for download from the App Store and Google Play – simply search for ECE 2017 On Demand. The content will also be available by opening ECE On Demand on a mobile phone or tablet.

We hope that this exciting initiative will extend the value of ECE for you, both during the Congress and long after the last lectures have finished. ECE On Demand will be available soon at