20 April 2017

ESE joint session at ECO 2017, Porto, Portugal, 17-20 May 2017

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ESE are joining up with EASO for a session at ECO 2017 in Porto, Portugal just before ECE2017.

We are very pleased to be working with EASO on a joint session on obesity during their annual meeting (ECO 2017) in Porto, Portugal. ECO 2017 is on from 17-20 May, fitting in nicely before ECE 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Details on the session are as follows:

May 19, 2017
1130 - 1300       Joint Session: European Society of Endocrinology
Chairs: P Freitas (Portugal), B Yildiz (Turkey)

1130 - 1200       PCOS
D Pignatelli (Portugal)

1200 - 1230       Obesity management in adults: Pains & gains
V Yumuk (Turkey)

1230 - 1245       A Genome-wide Association Study of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Free Thyroxine in Danish Children and Adolescents
T Nielsen (Denmark)

1245 - 1300       Effect of weight loss after bariatric surgery on thyroid-stimulating hormone levels in patients with morbid obesity and normal thyroid function
J Neves (Portugal)