26 June 2017

Introducing Dirk De Rijdt - ESE Director of Commercial Services

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We are pleased to announce that Dirk De Rijdt has been appointed to the position of ESE Director of Commercial Services. The aim of this newly created position is to support ESE in developing new services, deliver on its longer term strategic objectives and expand ESE relationships with its members and organisations.

With a longstanding experience within the endocrinology world, and previous functions in the industry, Dirk is well positioned to work with ESE in further shaping the future of the Society.

‘ In my previous jobs I have had the opportunity and honor to follow and partner with  ESE since its creation 10 years ago. I have been impressed by its rapid expansion, and the way the Society aims to shape the future of endocrinology in Europe and beyond. I am happy to join this exciting journey and look forward working with all at ESE’ - Dirk De Rijdt.