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Issue 32

Issue 32 Winter 2016/17

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European News

Circulating extracellular RNAs tied to insulin resistance

Estrogen likely contributes to cold-induced Raynaud’s in women

Married people have lower levels of stress hormone

Nutrition and insulin management guidelines for exercise in type 1 diabetes

Testosterone therapy provides protection against cardiovascular disease

AACE, ACE dyslipidaemia clinical practice guidelines update

Why does type 1 diabetes kill some cells but not others?

Heavy lifting and shift work could harm women's fertility

Anti-ageing hormone may play major role in development of kidney disease

Acromegaly tied to worsening heart structure and function

Metformin improves PCOS clinical but not metabolic or endocrine outcomes

Higher stress in police officers linked to dysregulation of cortisol

Hair test for Cushing's syndrome?

Is your dog badly behaved? It may be because you're neurotic

Daylight savings time contributes to higher miscarriage rates

Endocrine-disrupting chemical exposure increases obesity risk

Departure of migratory birds from stopover sites is hormone-controlled

Novel immunologic and endocrine model for Cushing’s syndrome research

Swedes warned snus tobacco raises diabetes risk

Ion channel necessary for hormone and anti-obesity drug to suppress eating

Microorganisms could help remove endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Sex differences in cognitive regulation of stress

Gradual weight gain raises the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Low vitamin D linked to relapse risk in ulcerative colitis

Oyxtocin-like hormone from insects could prevent preterm labour

Transporter of thyroid hormones is crucial for the embryonal development of the brain

Endocrine Society honours Early Investigators Award winners

Nanotechnology shows potential to treat endometriosis

Impaired secretion of stress hormone in healthy Indigenous young adults

Researchers engineer new thyroid cells

Having trouble sleeping? Grab a tent and go camping

E-cigarettes do increase your risk of heart disease

Hormone blockers can prolong life if prostate cancer recurs

Oxytocin reverses attention and social dysfunction in autism model

Clinical practice guideline for paediatric obesity released

Vitamin D discovery could prove key to new treatments

Low thyroid hormone before birth alters growth and development of foetal pancreas

Researchers discover the 'tinder' neurons in our brain that trigger attraction

Depression can hurt your heart just as much as high cholesterol

Researchers identify hormone that selectively stimulates fat metabolism

Certain heart fat associated with higher risk of heart disease in postmenopausal women

Diabetes could be a warning sign of cancer

Snails provide fast-acting therapeutic insulin

New organ culture system reveals effects of BPA exposure on foetal mammary glands

Female sex hormones may help women multi-task

Rat-grown mouse pancreases help reverse diabetes in mice

Should pregnant women always be treated for underactive thyroid?

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