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Geoffrey Harris Prize

Closing date 28 February each year

The European Society of Endocrinology is pleased to present the annual Geoffrey Harris Prize. This prestigious prize generously sponsored by Ipsen, is designed for established researchers in the field of neuroendocrinology and is the first of its kind in Europe.

The prize will be presented at the annual European Congress of Endocrinology, where the winner will be asked to give one of the main lectures, in addition to two other lectures at future ESE scientific meetings.

Application details

Nominations for the prize are invited from any scientific organisation or administrative group. The candidate must be a member of ESE and self-nominations will not be accepted.

Nominations should include:

  • Letter of support
  • CV
  • List of publications and merits of the candidate

Nominations should be submitted in an electronic format by email to the ESE Office ( by the closing date stated.


The jury is composed of five members of the ESE Executive Committee and is formed each year. A member of the Executive Committee may not serve in the jury when nominations have been received from a fellow countryman. If this reduces the number below the minimum of 5 jury members, then external jury members are to be consulted.

The Chairman of the jury is usually the ESE Secretary. If he is not a member of the jury, for reasons outlined above, the President or the Treasurer will act as Chairman. If all three are not members of the jury, the jury selects a chairman from their own number.

Please contact the ESE Office for further information.

Previous Winners

2017 - Mathias Tschöp, Germany
Toward hormone-based precision medicines for metabolic diseases

2016 – Albert Beckers, Belgium
Beyond the Adenoma Valley: from FIPA to gigantism and back (video)

Abstract | Bio

2015 – Carlos Dieguez, Spain
Understanding Neuroendocrine Function (video)

Abstract | Bio

2014 – Ashley Grossman, UK
Did the hand, then, of the potter shake? (video)

Abstract | Bio

2013 - Iain Clarke, Australia
Speakers, Cross-talk and Chatter in Reproductive Neuroendocrinology (video)

Abstract | Bio

2012 – Jonathan Seckl, UK
Glucocorticoid metabolism and the brain, from fetal programming to senescence (video)

Abstract | Bio

2011 – Ezio Ghigo, Italy
Ghrelin: a neuroendocrine and/or a metabolic story? (video)
Abstract | Bio

2010 – Iain Robinson, UK
Transgenes and physiology in the Growth Hormone axis: a view from the portal (video)
Abstract | Bio

2009 - Jan-Ake Gustafsson, Sweden
The new biology of estrogen signaling (video)
Abstract | Bio

2008 - George Chrousos, Greece
From Geoffrey Harris’s hypothalamic principle to a unified theory of stress and stress system disorders (video)
Abstract | Bio

2007 - Hubert Vaudry, France
Neuroendocrine control of steroid biosynthesis within the hypothalamus (video)
Abstract | Bio

2006 - Felipe Casanueva, Spain
A tale of modern endocrinology
Abstract | Bio

2005 - Ron de Kloet, Netherlands
The Hypothalamus and beyond .....

2003 - Béla Hálasz, Hungary

2001 - Giovanni Faglia, Italy

2000 - Steven Lamberts, Netherlands

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