Endocrine Views Editorial Board

Chair: Justo Castaño

Committee Remit

  • Endocrine Views (formerly ESE News) seeks to develop debate and highlight opinion in topical areas of endocrinology, drawing attention to rapidly developing aspects of our discipline. It caters to the needs of all who work within the field of endocrinology: research scientists, clinicians, nurses and others, at all career stages, whether based in Europe or further afield. Endocrine Views also informs and seeks the opinion of readers regarding the latest ESE initiatives and strategy, and features other news relevant to their work.

  • This focal point for Society communication includes interviews, opinion articles, debates, society news, deeper insights into clinical guidelines and research publications in ESE journals, as well as ESE events, educational activities and grants and awards.

  • The Editorial Board is responsible for planning issues and generating ideas for content.

Committee Membership

  • Justo Castaño, Chair (2019–2023).
  • Misa Pfeifer, Slovenia, (2020-2024).
  • Karim Meeran, UK, (2021-2025).
  • Maria Chiara Zatelli, Italy (2021-2025).
  • Olaf Dekkers or Robert Semple, EJE Representative, (co-terminous with office until 2025).
  • Adrian Clark, UK , EC Editor-in-Chief, (co-terminous with office until end 2023).
  • Walter Vena, EYES Representative, (co-terminous with office 2021-2025).

Ex-Officio Members

  • Jérôme Bertherat, France, Co-Editor, (President, co-terminous with office).
  • Wiebke Arlt, UK, (President-elect, co-terminous with office and EJE EiC).
  • Helen Gregson, (CEO, co-terminous with office).
  • Caroline Brewser, (Ex-officio, Managing-Editor).

ESE Team member responsibility: Head of Marketing, Communications & Membership.