Affiliated Societies

Who can join?

Affiliated Society Membership is open to national endocrine societies in Europe and in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea as well as pan-European and international sub-specialist endocrine societies.  

Membership benefits

Benefits include the ability to nominate ECE locations, voting rights (one vote per Society) and attendance to general meetings, information on developments in Europe and access to representation in Brussels.

Affiliated Societies* will receive an electronic version of ESE News (three times a year), and subscription to the ESE Monthly and Daily email alerts. (*These communications will be sent to the President and Secretary of the Affiliated Member society).

All members of the National Affiliated Societies are eligible for a discount membership to ESE.

In addition, as part of membership of, and application to become an, ESE's Affiliated Societies, a contribution of €2.50 per member is payable to join the ESE Advocacy Representation Scheme. Becoming part of the EARS Community is at no cost to the members of the national affiliated societies represented by the ESE Council of Affiliated Societies (ECAS), as the small annual fee of €2.50 will be paid on their behalf by their National Society. Please note that this is separate to any existing ESE membership. This contribution will help support ESE’s Policy and Advocacy work on behalf of all our members.

Application form

Please download and complete the application form.

Current National Affiliated Societies

Current Specialist Affiliated Societies