ESE supports healthcare professionals to deliver the best patient care in endocrinology throughout Europe. We provide courses, grants and resources to support clinicians, from trainee medics to recognised experts in the field. We produce guidelines, engage in advocacy, and through our Focus Areas and our work with European Reference Network on Rare Endocrine Conditions (ENDO-ERN) we aim to improve clinical endocrinology globally.


We provide and endorse training courses to support clinical endocrinologists throughout their careers. For example, the ESE Clinical Update is an international residential event providing essential training for early career medics and an update for established endocrinologists.  The full range of all the courses that ESE offers can be found here.

Awards & Grants 

We provide a broad range of prizes, awards and grants which will be of interest to clinicians at all stages of their career. For example, we provide meeting grants to attend the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE), and prizes such as the Clinical Endocrinology Trust Award.  Full details of all prizes and grants available can be found here.


We have developed a recommended curriculum of knowledge requirements for clinicians practicing in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, for students to assess their progress. To support communication with patients we also produce explanatory videos about common endocrine diseases. To stay up to date with the latest in clinical practice, you can now watch videos of presentations and interviews from ECE 2017, ECE 2018 and ECE 2019.

COVID-19 and endocrine diseases

During this challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, ESE recognises the hard work and dedication of all endocrinologists across the world, and in particular our members, as they strive to continue to support their patients and develop new care pathways.

ESE has, and continues to, develop and provide resources for use by the whole endocrine community during this time. We hope these are of interest and benefit. Clinical information and resources - discover more HERE.


The European Society of Endocrinology acts as the voice of its members and those of its National Affiliated Societies, on the issues that have greatest effect on them. The ESE Science Committee advises on advocacy work, and we welcome input from clinical endocrinologists directly, as we increase our advocacy activities: encouraging government organisations to better support your needs.

Focus Areas and ERNs

Our Focus Areas connect clinicians and researchers in certain fields, allowing them to work together to share knowledge and best practice, and the new European Reference Network on Rare Endocrine Conditions (ENDO-ERN) aims to share expertise, educate care providers and link up with other ERNs with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.


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