EYES Clinical Observership Programme

EYES Clinical Observership Programme

2020 winners announced (06 September 2020)

  • Vaduva Madalina from the Rennes University Hospital, France will attend the Centre of Expertise in Diabetic Foot, London, UK. Mentor: Dr Vasiliki Bravis
  • Sanja Medenica from the Department of Endocrinology, Clinical Center of Montenegro will attend the Centre of Expertise in Diabetes, Rome, Italy. Mentor: Professor Pontecorvi Alfredo
  • Seda Turgut from the Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey will attend the Centre of Expertise in Pituitary Diseases, Novara, Italy. Mentor: Professor Flavia Prodam

The following will also are also participating in the program on a self-funded basis:

  • Karolina Nowak (Poland) – ENETS Centre, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  • Ioana Hristov (Romania) – Centre of Expertise in Menopause, Athens (Greece)
  • Maria Grammatiki (Greece) – Centre of Endocrine Epidemiology, Leiden (Netherlands)
  • Barbara Bromińska (Poland) – Centre for Neuroendocrinology, Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Sofia Burcilescu (Romania) – Centre for Neuroendocrine tumours, Naples (Italy)
  • Natalia Zwada (Poland) – Centre of Expertise in Andrology, Thessaloniki (Greece)
  • Theo Mustata (Bucharest) – Centre of Expertise in Andrology, Florence (Italy)


EYES Clinical Observership Programme (C.O.P.)

The C.O.P. allows Early Career Investigators (ECI's) from Europe to grow and learn during a short, one-month stay in various European endocrine centres of expertise. Due to different European laws the time spent at the host centre will be defined as an “observership".

Each of the Centres will provide a Mentor and a Contact Person (one of the early career clinicians working at the host centre). Both have to be registered ESE members.

Upon review of all applications, they will be ranked according to the detailed scoring system.

The highest scoring top three applicants will be selected and each successful applicant will be awarded one thousand euros (€1000) as a contribution toward travel expenses. Six applicants who do not receive an award for the C.O.P. and also score highly, will be given the opportunity to participate in the program provided they are able to self-fund the visit. (industry/ other grants or sponsorships can be obtained and have to be clearly stated).  

Please read the C.O.P Scope for full details. 

Applications for the 2020/21 C.O.P are closed. Applications for 2021/22 will open in 2021.  

The required documents are:

  • Application form
  • Two preferred centres of interest from the list, field of interest, desired month of exchange. EYES will keep all rights to assign the applicant to the second centre of choice if the first preference is not available.
  • Two letters of recommendation: one from a Mentor and the other from the Head of Department
  • CV (one page) and Motivation letter (max 250 words)
  • Signed C.O.P- Terms and Conditions document (please see C.O.P. Terms and Conditions)
  • ESE membership proof

All applicants must be paid-up ESE members and also be registered on the EYES Membermojo website. Applicants are required to be Internal medicine and/or Endocrinologist and/or Diabetologist in training (specialty or subspecialty). Applicants are also required to have published (as one of the authors) at least one paper indexed in Current Contents (CC).

Please visit the ESE website to become a member. The in-training membership fee is €20 or €10 if you are a member of one of ESE’s National Affiliated Societies.

Applications for the 2020/21 C.O.P are closed. Applications for 2021/22 will open in 2021.