ESE Nurse Committee Nominations

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The European Society of Endocrinology Nurse Committee provides a support network and resources for European and internationally-based nurses working in Endocrinology. The committee focuses on supporting nurses working in Endocrinology to advance their role and practice through education training, mentorship and establishing a support network of professional working in Endocrinology Nursing.

Our mission is to raise the profile of Endocrine Nursing by supporting nurses in advancing their roles and practice. We also aim to provide a common ground to share expertise and create an interactive and dynamic platform for learning and supervision.

Nominations to become a member of the ESE Nurse Committee may be put forward by members or non-members of ESE, however Committee members must be a member of ESE. Members of the ESE Nurse Committee serve a term of three years. Full details are available in the ESE Nurse Committee remit.

Complete the form below to nominate yourself, your friend or a colleague.

Nominations will be reviewed by the ESE Nurse Committee and invitations to join will be made with a view to maintaining a balance within the Group in terms of gender, geographical spread and expertise. Members should also be actively involved in promoting the role of the Endocrine Nurses and have a track record of close working relationships with their national endocrine nurses’ groups.

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