10/08/2017: EMA communication: Science and innovation for better medicines - EMA leaflet shows how work of the Agency benefits patients

We would like to inform you that the European Medicines Agency has published a leaflet entitled Enabling science that works for patients.

The leaflet explains that the Agency promotes science and innovation to find better medicines. EMA collaborates closely with patients to understand their point of view and to make sure that new medicines address their needs. The Agency provides scientific advice and guidance to encourage the development of new and innovative medicines, especially in areas with limited treatment options such as rare diseases and illnesses in children.

Patients and their needs are at the centre of all activities of the Agency. EMA involves patients, consumers and their representative organisations in all decisions made during the lifecycle of a medicine - in the development of policies, regulatory guidance, and the evaluation and safety monitoring of medicines. Patients provide valuable ‘real-life’ insights on the impact of regulatory decisions as members of the Agency’s management board, scientific committees and working parties.

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