The Toolkit helps you spread the word about the launch of European Hormone Day, and includes various materials to use both online to gain traction for the launch, and offline - including the important Milano Declaration - Recognising the key role of hormones in European health - a document intended for policy makers which will raise awareness for endocrinology and the challenges and policy asks raised during European Hormone Day.  This will be formally published on the Day.

Here are the different elements of the Toolkit and suggestions on how to use them:

The Toolkit includes:

  • The Information Guide with full details about European Hormone Day explaining how you can get involved and join the conversation!
  • The Milano Declaration which reiterates some of the key messages from ESE’s White Paper ‘Hormones in European Health Policies’ published in May 2021, along with a cover letter shell to use when contacting national policy makers.
  • Short and long animations explaining why hormones matter and a call to join the first European Hormone Day
    • (French language version - short and long animations)
    • (Portugese language version - short and long animations)
    • (Bosnian language version - long animation)
  • An infographic which demonstrates the importance of hormones, outlines the calls to action and explains why these are needed
  • Tailored social media content for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for you to use from 2 May 
  • Social media visuals to accompany the social media content for you to use from 2 May 
  • Press Release template to provide to local/national media (email to request
  • A banner to add to your email signature 

The majority of the items in the Toolkit can be used on social media. How to use each item:

  • The Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn posts can be used in the lead up to and the day of the launch on social media.
  • The European Hormone Day themed visuals can be used when posting content online/ social media
  • The infographics can be used as a stand-alone piece on social media or can be used accompanying any post. Similarly, both animations could be used as a stand-alone post.
  • The two hashtags #BecauseHormonesMatter and #EuropeanHormoneDay can be used for Twitter and LinkedIn posts.
  • The publication of the Milano Declaration on 23 May should be used as an important timepoint to raise visibility of the importance of hormone health – so please look out for social posts and share, comment and tag in key people in your country


If your National Society or Organisation would like to translate the materials supplied in the Toolkit, we can either supply the artwork files to you directly or connect you with our designer who can assist.

If you would like to add a new voice over or replace text in the animation, our designer will be pleased to assist.

Please note that all costs associated with translation need to be covered by your National Society or Organisation.