Leading European experts in the field of endocrinology and metabolism share their insights in a case study orientated course designed to improve your clinical practice. Listen to and discuss cases with experts and develop your understanding of how to approach clinical scenarios. There will also be an online test sent in advance of each webinar and answers will be discussed during the live session to assess your knowledge and to cement your learning.

Please note that changes to the speakers or the lecture topics may occur between now and the meeting start date.

All webinars will take place at 17:00 - 19:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Monday 27 March 2023: Type 1 Diabetes
Chairs: Tatjana Milenkovic (North Macedonia) & Mark Gurnell (UK)  

Antonio Bossi (Italy) 

Transition in the treatment of type 1 diabetes
Christina Kanaka (Greece)

Management of exercise in type 1 diabetes
Thomas Zueger (Switzerland)


Tuesday 28 March 2023: Lipid disorders
Chairs: Maeve Durkan (Ireland) & Tatjana Milenkovic (North Macedonia)  

Genetic lipid disorders
Martin Merkel (Germany)  

Current recommendations for dyslipidaemia
Philippe Moulin (France)  

Secondary causes of dyslipademia
Paul Flynn (UK)


Wednesday 29 March 2023: Hormone producing pituitary adenoma
Chairs: Bas Havekes (Netherlands) & Gerald Raverot (France)

Pituitary apoplexy
Niki Karavitaki (UK)

Cushing's disease / ectopic
Richard Feelders (Netherlands)

Eva Coopmans (Netherlands)

Olympia Koulouri (UK)


Thursday 30 March 2023: Hyperthyroidism 1
Chairs: Mirjam Christ-Crain (Switzerland) & Lina Zabuliene (Lithuania) 

Ilaria Muller (Italy)

George Kahaly (Germany)

Toxic adenoma
Kristien Boelaert (UK)


Friday 31 March 2023: Parathyroid
Chairs: Heide Siggelkow (Germany) & Maeve Durkan (Ireland)

Primary Hyperparathyroidism
Vicky Stokes (UK)

Natasha Appelman-Dijkstra (Netherlands)

Vitamin D deficiency (including secondary hyperparathyroidism)
Gherardo Mazziotti (Italy)