EuroPit 2020


23 - 25  November 2020, Annecy, France

This event will gather 30 young doctors in endocrinology, neurosurgery and pathology from countries across Europe

EuroPit is a unique course in Europe.

It is a multidisciplinary program, including pathologists, neurosurgeons and endocrinologists from countries across Europe, that aims to provide a comprehensive perspective of pituitary disorders management.


Educate: Provide a foundation in the diagnosis and management of pituitary disorders for young doctors

Network: Create a sense of community around future doctors who will be managing pituitary disorders in Europe

Multidisciplinary programme: Students and expert endocrinologists, neurosurgeons and pathologists spend three days together

Broad course on the management of pituitary disorders: Pathology, investigation, treatment options and the development of optimised care in the future

Application deadline: Monday 13 July 2020


We will continually monitor local and international travel regulations and safety guidelines on social distancing and review this event as and when appropriate. If ESE need to cancel this event you will be informed. As this event is free to attend for accepted applications, the refund policy does not apply. 

ESE will book travel on your behalf, but should you wish to arrange your own travel, and the event does get cancelled, ESE are not responsible for any associated costs. 


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