EuroPit 2022 - 10 year anniversary


Faculty on stage at EuroPit 2022

EuroPit celebrated its 10th anniversary 

EuroPit is ten years old! Since 2012, this course has been held, in November, at “Les Pensières, a conference centre in the Merieux family’s house, in Annecy, France. 

Three hundred young doctors (endocrinologists, neurosurgeons and pathologists) came from 16 European countries last November. Thirty-seven European experts (endocrinologist, neurosurgeons and pathologist) shared their knowledge with the delegates – all who have an orientation in the pituitary field. The selection, based on clinical experience and publications is very stringent. This year we received 90 applications for 30 places. 

Every year, 95-100% of the participants considered EuroPit to be excellent. They go back having increased their experience for a better multidisciplinary management of their patients with pituitary pathology. EuroPit is unique because the fellows and the teachers stay together over the three days, working in the conference room, having discussions after talks and case reports and during coffee breaks and lunches. Everybody works very hard (27 talks and 30 case reports in three days!), but in a gentle atmosphere and in a beautiful place. 

The spirit of EuroPit is to share knowledge, give advice for each fellow’s career and stimulate the creation of networks between endocrinologists,  neurosurgeons and pathologists, who are managing pituitary disorders, throughout Europe. 

During these 10 years, Marta Korbonits, Michael Buchfelder, who chair this course with me (Jacqueline Trouillas), along with Vera Popovic, Gérald Raverot, Emmanuel Jouanneau and Christian Strasburger of the ESE Science Committee and the 16 teachers, who come every year, with the help of the ESE staff, and the financial support of Ipsen and Recordati Rare Diseases, made my dream a reality. 

We are pleased to announce that the case report winners were:  
1st: Tea Shehu (Albania) 
Joint 2nd: Stefan Matei Constantinescu (Belgium) and Francesco Calvanese (Italy) 

Click here to see Tea's experience at EuroPit 2022 

Prof Jacqueline Trouillas, Chair , EuroPit 

Jacqueline Trouillas: Pathologist (France)

Jacqueline Trouillas: Pathologist (France)

Professor Jacqueline Trouillas is currently Emeritus Professor of Medicine. She is an endocrinologist, histologist and pituitary pathologist. From 1996 to 2010, she was at the head of the laboratory of Histology at the Faculty of Medicine Laennec, Lyon, France and she belongs to a research unit (INSERM 1028) of Neurosciences in Lyon. Her areas of research are the normal and tumoral pituitary and the immuno-histochemistry. Since 1970, she has studied the clinical, the pathological and the molecular characteristics of more than 3500 pituitary tumours, 500 of them being frozen, to find prognostic factors. She has published more than 160 original papers. She was a coordinator or an investigator of several French or European programs of research on pituitary tumours. She is a member of the French and the European Societies of Endocrinology. She was one of the experts of the World Health Organization (WHO) classification of tumours of endocrine organs in 2004. She was the cofounder of the International Pituitary Pathology Club in 1981 and of the European multidisciplinary postgraduate course of pituitary tumors (EUROPIT) in 2012.