ESE COVID-19 Research Grant

This event is in the past

15 Jan 2021

The Grant aims to provide financial support for a specific scientific project that engages in research in the context of COVID-19 infection and endocrinology or metabolism. Examples include the following topics, while other research questions might apply as well:

  • Characterisation of hormonal or metabolic markers that identify populations at risk for severe (or mild) COVID-19 disease
  • Investigation of hormonal related mechanisms of disease
  • Investigation of COVID-19 related short and long term consequences on endocrine function
  • Research on endocrine related therapies in the context of COVID-19 disease
  • Investigation of the burden of disease for patients with endocrine conditions

One grant of € 7,500 will be made available to individual researchers. In rare circumstances the grant may be split.

The Grant will be made available to use for consumables, supporting administration, meetings, data collection or processing, salary or third-party assistance.

Deadline for applications is 15 January 2021

To apply, please visit


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