43rd Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation

This event is in the past

10 - 13 Oct 2018

Topic: The brain – gut – microbiome network in metabolic regulation and dysregulation

Mont Ste Odile (France)

The brain–gut–microbiome network in metabolic regulation and dysregulation

10-13 October 2018, Mont Ste Odile, France.

The very nature of endocrinology has undergone major paradigm shifts over the last few decades with the discovery of endocrine functions by organs not hitherto considered as endocrine organs, such as fat, the gut and the brain, both as metabolism regulators and targets of regulation through organ crosstalk. In addition, a major conceptual revolution has taken place in the last few years with the explosion of interest in the role of the symbiosis between animals and the microbes they host, primarily in the gut (microbiome), in metabolic regulation. This symposium will attempt to paint a coherent picture of the interactions between the brain, the gut and the microbiome as a crucial network involved in metabolic regulation as well as its disturbances in obesity, type 2 diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders. We bring leading investigators in the field together with established scientists, postdocs and students in a convivial and highly interactive environment in a historical and inspiring setup.

ESE Meeting Grants, worth up to €450 each, are available for ESE members to attend the Symposium - click here for more information.

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