e-ECE 2020 Programme

e-ECE 2020 is running live from 5-9 September 2020, however, you will be able to access the programme and exhibition seven days before the Congress starts. The e-ECE 2020 programme will feature cutting-edge science and the latest in clinical practice and endocrine patient care. Designed around our eight Focus Areas, it means you can tune in live and learn about developments in your areas of interest, in easily digestible blocks. 

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You can also build your personalised calendar before the live days – so you have the sessions that have caught your interest in your calendar, meaning you don’t miss them! 

How to download sessions into your calendar

  • Select which session you would like to attend.
  • Click the download button underneath 'Appointment'.
  • A download box will then appear, once selected you will be prompted to link this with your preferred calendar.
  • Select 'Okay' and a window in your calendar will appear with the session details
  • Make your you select 'save' and this will then appear in your calendar. 

View the Programme at a Glance 

Award plenaries  

Geoffrey Harris Award Lecture; Present and future of neuroendocrinology 

Annamaria Colao, Italy

European Journal of Endocrinology Award Lecture; Shining light on membrane receptors  

Davide Calebiro, Italy

Clinical Endocrinology Trust Award; Postmenopausal osteoporosis: balancing the risks and benefits

Richard Eastell, United Kingdom 

European Hormone Lecture: Rare diseases as tools to understand autoimmunity

Olle Kämpe, Sweden 

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