A Standardised European Emergency Card for Patients with Adrenal Insufficiency

During a meeting of the European Council of Affiliated Societies (ECAS), in Paris on 31 October 2014, the participating countries agreed to endorse a uniform "emergency card" for patients suffering from adrenal insufficiency, and to make this standard card available for patients across Europe.

This topic was discussed at the request of the Patient Support Groups for Addison's disease from Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and UK. Together, they represent approximately 8000 patients. The Support Groups had become aware of the existence of different versions of emergency cards, and argued that one card with an identical logo and identical text would enhance the recognition of such a card, and make patients more secure when travelling.

Please find here examples of existing emergency cards, modelled on the original version developed by Swedish endocrinologists in 2010, and the new emergency card developed by the Danish and Dutch Patient Support Groups. As can be seen all existing cards have had a similar template, one side with information in English, the other side with text in the national language. The card is 54 x 85mm and has a plastic cover.


At the ECAS meeting it was agreed to support the card proposed by the Patient Support Groups, including a standardised text in English on one side (the "international"), and that each country would modify the text on the "national side" according to local preferences. To emphasise that ESE stands behind the card 'European Society of Endocrinology' is printed at the bottom of the international side.

It was considered to be most effective to display the card on the ESE website, so that it can be further developed into a two–sided card by the national endocrine societies. In their turn, these "national" cards can be displayed on the sites of each national societies to facilitate awareness as well as their distribution.

We are honoured that the Patient Support Groups for Addison's disease have chosen ESE as their partner, and confident that our joint efforts will benefit patients across Europe.