A Standardised European Emergency Card for Patients with Adrenal Insufficiency

Cards available to download


English - Estonian
Translation courtesy of Estonian Endocrine Society

English - Russian

English - Ukrainian

Ordering cards

National endocrine societies are invited to get in touch with ESE at ecas@ese-hormones.org to request a card in their national language. The content for the "national side" needs to be provided by the relevant national society. Cards are produced in a printable pdf format.


During a meeting of the European Council of Affiliated Societies (ECAS), in Paris on 31 October 2014, the participating countries agreed to endorse a uniform "emergency card" for patients suffering from adrenal insufficiency, and to make this standard card available for patients across Europe. This topic was discussed at the request of the Patient Support Groups for Addison's disease from several European countries.

At the ECAS meeting it was agreed to support the card proposed by the Patient Support Groups, including a standardised text in English on one side ("international side"), and that each country would modify the text on the "national side" according to local preferences. To emphasise that ESE stands behind the card, 'European Society of Endocrinology' is printed at the bottom of the international side.