Clinical Endocrinology Trust Award

The Clinical Endocrinology Trust (CET) Award is given for clinical research that addresses aspects of endocrinology at the forefront of clinical practice and is sponsored by the Clinical Endocrinology Trust.

The award consists of an honorarium and medal and will be presented during the annual European Congress of Endocrinology, where the winner will be asked to give one of the Plenary lectures.

Closing date 28 February each year.


Nominations are invited from all ESE members, as well as members of the ESE Executive Committee, and the ESE Clinical and Science Committees. Nominations should include:

  • Curriculum vitae of the candidate including a complete bibliography
  • List of publications, detailing the 10 most important publications according to the nominee
  • Tentative title of the plenary lecture

The documents, together with a covering letter, should be submitted by email to the ESE Office by the closing date stated.


The jury is composed of four members of the ESE Clinical Committee, and two members of the ESE Science Committee. The chair of the Clinical Committee will convene the jury, and cast the final vote in case of a tie. The winner will subsequently be ratified by the Clinical Endocrinology Trust.

2021 Winner

Rosario Pivonello, Italy

  • Advances on Complication and Therapy of Cushing’s Syndrome

View the e-ECE 2021 Programme for more details.