Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership constitutes an important engagement with and support to the European Society of Endocrinology. It allows the society to engage in many programs and activities that are being developed by the different committees and Focus Areas, to the benefit of the ESE members and endocrinologists and researchers across Europe and beyond.

To ESE Corporate Members, the corporate membership engagement offers unique opportunities to communicate with the endocrine community in Europe and work in partnership with ESE in the development of new, quality services that increase excellence in endocrine education and patient care.

Who can join?

Corporate Membership runs from January to December and is open to companies:

  • With a scientific, diagnostic, technical, or clinical focus
  • Engaged in education and services for healthcare professionals
  • Working in, or associated with, any of our eight Focus Areas of endocrinology
  • Developing or commercialising products or services at any stage of their life cycle.


  • Unique opportunity to communicate with the endocrine community in more than 50 countries, representing more than 22 000 endocrinologists and researchers.
  • Privileged access to the engagement and commercial opportunities offered by the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE), the premier event in endocrinology in Europe. More than 3500 participants attended ECE 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Regular engagement with the Society Leadership Teams and individuals to discuss areas of mutual interest, whilst benefiting from a range of annual high visibility branding privileges and service options including:

         Engagement with:

      • Europe’s opinion leaders and endocrine experts
      • Leadership of the newly created strategic Focus Areas
      • Our multi-media communities, members and ECE delegates
      • Basic researchers and clinical endocrinologists
      • Young and upcoming endocrinologists through EYES (European Young Endocrine Scientists)
      • Expanding endocrine nurse community
  • Premium level members are entitled to join the ESE Industry Partnership Board, addressing longer term strategic developments in the educational, regulatory or policy environment.
  • Exclusive educational opportunities*
      • Satellite symposia opportunities at the European Congress of Endocrinology
      • ECE On Demand satellite content dissemination
      • ECE and other event preferential exhibition and sponsorship options
      • Support of official prizes, grants, awards and travel scholarships
      • Commissioned ESE Insight supplements and other community education formats
      • Association with regional educational course (basic, clinical)
      • Opportunity to organise expert meetings (standalone or during ECE)
  • Medical education partnership*
    We develop independent stand-alone, or programmes of inter-related educational activities in partnership with our Corporate Member
      • Interation: live engagement with an identified audience
      • Communities: educational output to targeted audiences
      • Research: proactive engagement with participants
      • Knowledge: disseminating official ESE opinion

The ESE Corporate Membership scheme

ESE offers 2 distinct levels of engagement, value and benefits for different types of organisation, standard and premium. Companies in an early product development phase or non-pharma can also engage through a ‘Supporter’ status and program.

To better understand which category best suits your needs to start working collaboratively with ESE, view a summary guide to Corporate Membership here before contacting our business development team here.

To begin working collaboratively with ESE as a Corporate Member, please request a Corporate Members pack.

* conditions apply

Premium Corporate Members

Corporate Members