A festive message from your ESE President


I would like to take this opportunity to send you all good wishes from ESE for the festive period!

Again, this year has been a challenging one for our community. I feel particularly blessed to be part of this endocrine world where, like the hormone system, everything and everyone are so connected. The use of digital communication has changed beyond recognition over the past months, and although it has its downsides it has opened up opportunities and given us the chance to connect more regularly than ever before. Having said that it was with delight that we held our first physical meeting after nearly two years in Annecy, France in November – our wonderful EuroPit course. The face to face is irreplaceable!

Next year we have big plans for ESE! We will continue, under our renewed strategic plans, to have our role as the representative body of endocrinology in Europe as a key focus aiming to improve the position of endocrinology in the healthcare and research landscape. The communication and engagement we have with our members at the individual and organisational level is key to this goal and we thank you for all your help in this regard. In addition, we will continue to work on the value of our individual membership, so that we can give you all good reason to be life-long members of ESE! We will work to advance the science and standards of endocrinology, building on our guideline and education programme, and our excellent portfolio of journals. We have renewed focus on our long-term sustainability in these challenging times to make sure that we are here to support you for many years to come. I have in addition put in clear objectives about ensuring diversity across our activities – I feel very strongly about this.

I wish I had been able to greet you all personally this year to thank you, on behalf of ESE, for making this the great community that it is. However, we will do so soon in Milan for ECE 2022 next May – looking forward to it!

Until then, my warm best wishes

Martin Reincke, ESE President