A message from the ESE President

Dear Members, Dear Friends 

I am writing this having recently arrived back from the ECE 2022 meeting in Milano, where over 2900 people joined us in person with over 1100 joining us through ECE@Home, making it one of the best-attended and most thrilling events in ESE history.

I knew that seeing people face to face (many for the first time in three years) would be good, but it really was amazing how different it was from the video calls to which we have become accustomedIt has given me a new energy and focus in many different ways, with one key element being the reinforcement of the importance of the endocrine community, and of our love for the specialism which we have selected.   

The excitement was tangible, right from the first minute on Saturday, and I try here to select some highlights although that in itself is a challenge! I highlight the Saturday where our patient advocacy groups came together with clinicians in the ‘Patient Voice’ sessions, and with our educational courses taking place across many different areas.  This was followed by our Opening Ceremony where the excellent award lectures included the new Transatlantic Alliance Award with the inaugural awardee being our outstanding colleague Shlomo Melmed; the announcement of the Rising Stars programme bringing in a next generation to support our leading European Journal of Endocrinology; and the launch on Sunday of the European Women in Endocrinology Group (EUWIN).   

The quality of the sessions and the speakers was without doubt excellent – thanks to our Programme Organising Committee headed up by Beata Kos-Kudla and Carlos Dieguez with the whole organisation overseen by our Congress Committee Chair, Riccarda Granata.  You did an amazing job! And thank you to the speakers, who came from near and far to present at the meeting. 

On Monday 23 May came the launch of the first European Hormone Day, and the launch of the historic Milano Declaration endorsed by 60 in all from our national societies, our partner specialist societies, patient advocacy groups and also with political endorsement, and in addition supported by our international partners,  representing overall more than 40 thousand endocrinologists worldwideThe Milano Declaration is aimed to encourage national and European decision makers to better integrate endocrinology in European and national health policies, including in national and European research funding schemes. The engagement in the Day overall, with our national and specialist societies was fantastic, with translation of the materials into multiple languages and many supporting the day on all the social platforms. We look forward to seeing how this will develop over the coming years!  

Milan provided a great setting as well – even organising an electric atmosphere on the streets due to the AC Milano soccer team winning the Italian championship. The city was flashed by the tifosi and the skies by fireworks. Thanks to the Local Organising Committee and its Chair Andrea Giustina – also our Past-President – who has had to wait until he stepped down from the Presidency to see his friends face to face. What a wonderful coincidence that the first face to face congress since the pandemic is in his home town. And thanks as well to our national host society, the Italian Endocrine Society chaired by Anna-Maria Colao, and also to the Italian Association of Clinical Endocrinologists led by Franco Grimaldi.  

I also thank our industry partners – who continue to support ESE not only at the congress but throughout its activities.  We could not do it without you! 

And finally thanks to our congress team from Bioscientifica led by Kate Sargent, in combination with the steadily growing ESE professional team with our CEO Helen Gregson. 

Making the most of the energy generated by the congress, I look forward to an exciting period ahead with many new initiatives to come. We are planning to launch in the latter part of this year, an ESE Academy to support our up and coming leaders; we will also start work on a research roadmap to support our policy and advocacy efforts, with the aim to ensure an appropriate level of funding for endocrine research.   

Thank you to everyone who attended – both physically and virtually, and to all of our members for creating this engaging community. I am reminded again how proud I am to be your President and look forward to seeing you all again in Istanbul at ECE 2023! 

Martin Reincke
ESE President