Andrea Giustina – thoughts from your new ESE President

I am proud to have taken over in May 2019 as President of the European Society of Endocrinology (ESE). Having been involved with the ESE from the beginning, it has been a pleasure to watch it grow and start to meet its original ambitions.

I would like to thank my predecessor, AJ van der Lely, who has done a great job in developing many strategic initiatives and building an independent office. It is a wonderful platform from which to base my vision of a truly inclusive society which represents all of European endocrinology, involving everyone: from clinicians, researchers, nurses, politicians, the national societies, ENDO-ERN; and crucially the specialist societies. With the establishment of ECAS, with its detailed knowledge of national and regional matters, ESE has made an important effort to reach out and engage; however, there still remains much to do in this area. We have over 20 000 endocrinologists in Europe, and it is through working together in a harmonious way that we can strengthen and grow our discipline.

My key ambition is to substantially grow our membership, and I will be working closely with the Executive Committee to achieve this. This to me is the most important aspect and is the foundation for our society to enable it to prosper. It is also very important for us to represent all areas of Europe, and to support our early career members with full integration throughout our activities. I also intend to work in securing a base within Brussels, so that we can work more closely within the political arena. We plan to open an office there this autumn. I will also be ensuring that our activities are fully visible and understandable to the outside world, and that our profile is much enhanced in all aspects, including media.

It is an exciting period for our community, and I look forward to the future working with all of you to improve the world of endocrinology.

Find out more Andrea Giustina’s vision in this Interview with the ESE President and President-Elect filmed at ECE 2019 (please note there is a delay before the session begins).