Congratulations to our 2022 Award winners

The European Society of Endocrinology has a wide range of prestigious awards that recognise world-leading scientists and clinicians across the field of endocrinology, as well as early-career focused awards to provide support for the next generation to achieve their potential. Please join us in congratulating all of our 2022 Awardees' achievements.



ECE 2022 included eight Poster Award winners and twelve Young Investigator Award winners. We look forward to watching their careers progress, and we're sure they will go on to achieve great things!




All of our 2022 Award Lectures are available to view on demand via the Congress platform. This year's winners were:

Geoffrey Harris Award

AJ van der Lely (Netherlands) - A powerful and almost forgotten tool in endocrinology

European Journal of Endocrinology Award

Roland Stimson (United Kingdom) - The regulation of human brown adipose tissue

Transatlantic Alliance Award

Shlomo K. Melmed (United States) - Growth Hormone: An Adult Endocrine Misnomer

Clinical Endocrinology Trust Award

Alberto M Pereira (Netherlands) - Setting the scene for (rare) endocrine diseases in Europe

Jens Sandahl Christiansen Award

Rubén Nogueiras (Spain) - Deciphering the role of p53 family members in glucose metabolism

Cristina Olarescu (Norway) - The impact of growth hormone excess on fat tissue metabolism

European Hormone Medal

Josef Köhrle (Germany) - Great impact in low quantities – thyroid hormones, trace elements and endocrine disruptors

Peter Rossing (Denmark) - Diabetic kidney disease: after years of darkness came light – finally new options for treatment!

Future leaders in endocrinology