ECAS Working Groups Launch

ESE has initiated three ECAS Working Groups focusing on endocrine disruptors, obesity, and cancer. A fourth ECAS Working Group on Rare Diseases is scheduled to have its first meeting in early 2023. The four Working Groups represent ESE’s policy and advocacy priorities - ESE White Paper.

These Working Groups seek to integrate the national and European efforts in endocrinology and increase the influence on health agendas.

ECAS Working Group on Endocrine Disruptors
Chair: Josef Köhrle
Guest Speaker: Sandra Jen - Campaign coordinator for EDC Free Europe
Discussions focused on potentially integrating the ECAS Working Group into the EDC Working Group and EU legislative dossiers in the area of chemicals. All group members supported the idea of becoming members of the EDC Working Group and contributing to its objectives.

ECAS Working Group on Obesity
Chair: Bulent Yildiz
Guest Speaker: Euan Woodward - CEO of the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO)
The Working Group acknowledged obesity as a chronic relapsing disease which is far more complex than the general perception among policymakers and the public. The Group agreed to produce material in support of the next World Obesity Day (4 March 2023).

ECAS Working Group on Cancer
Chair: Monica Marazuela
Guest Speaker: Richard Price - Head of Policy at the European Cancer Organisation (ECO)
The Group was introduced to ECO, of which ESE is a member. ECO offers involvement opportunities through its Focussed Topic Networks, covering topics from the prevention of cancer, to the longer-term perspectives of cancer survivors. The meeting will be followed by a Group call to highlight priorities for engagement with the Focussed Topic Networks.