ESE joining the European Cancer Organisation

On 16 November 2021, ESE joined the European Cancer Organisation (ECO). Joining ECO is part of ESE’s policy and advocacy approach, to bring more attention to the endocrine aspects of cancer, and to do so in close collaboration with other stakeholders.

ECO is a not-for-profit federation of member organisations working in cancer at a European level, and convenes oncology professionals and patients to agree policy, advocate for positive change and be the united voice of the European cancer community.

ECO is a federation of more than 30 scientific societies, also including several patient groups. Eight thematic networks focus on aspects of cancer, including among others prevention, health systems and treatment optimisation, addressing inequalities in cancer care, and addressing the quality of aspects in survivors of cancer. More information on ECO can be found here.


ESE’s focus on cancer includes the following areas:

  • Endocrine cancers
  • Hormonal dependent cancers and their endocrine treatments
  • Long-term effects of cancer treatments
  • Obesity leading to cancer
  • Environmental factors such as EDCs


ESE’s statements around health policies related to cancer can be found in the White paper ‘Hormones in European health policies’.