ESE-SEEDER-EU: Supporting European Endocrine Research

The process of writing and developing grant applications is long and complex. This is particularly true for proposals that involve consortia, which need to be built and whose efforts need to be coordinated.

Support for the grant application process ranks highly in the majority of surveys and discussions we have held with basic researchers regarding potential and beneficial activities ESE could or should be involved in.

The European Society of Endocrinology recognises the challenges faced by scientists in obtaining research funding from major European research grants and has developed the ESE-SEEDER-EU Grant to help our members by supporting them during the application-writing process.

The ESE-SEEDER-EU Grant has been developed to provide financial support for consortia during the grant writing process, as well as ‘in-kind’ support in developing grant proposals and establishing or strengthening research consortia.

The purpose of the grant is to facilitate the participation of scientific groups with an endocrine background in European research and innovation.

ESE will provide grants to fund European researchers' preparatory activities in drawing up applications for selected European research programmes.

One grant per year of €15 000 will be made available to consortia following successful application for the ESE-SEEDER-EU Grant.

The deadline for applications will be 31 October each year.

More information on the ESE-SEEDER-EU Grant, as well as all of ESE’s Grants and Awards, is available using the links below.

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