ESE supports ETA call for action on World Thyroid Day and International Thyroid Awareness Week

ESE supports the European Thyroid Association ETA call for action:

"The 25th of May is World Thyroid Day, founded by the European Thyroid Association in 2008 and immediately endorsed by the American Thyroid Association, by the sister Associations of Latin America and Asia as well as by the International Thyroid Federation. Its aim is to increase awareness among both public and authorities about the suffering of thyroid patients round the world. It is a Day dedicated to our patients. It is also a Day underscoring the solidarity and tight collaboration uniting all doctors specialized in this field and the vital education provided by them. The latter includes not only explaining what thyroid issues patients may have, but also enlightening them as regards the thyroid gland in general and making clear what a marvelous organ it is, answering their questions dispelling misunderstandings and banishing fears. It is a Day dedicated to the Thyroid."

ESE adopts the ETA call for action to increase awareness of thyroid disease and to urge people to remain vigilant in recognizing symptoms and initiating treatment. The 25 May is therefore a day of action and empowerment.





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