EU Parliament adopts resolution on framework for endocrine disruptors

Today the European Parliament adopted a resolution towards a comprehensive European Union framework on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). The resolution, actively supported by ESE in close coordination with EDC Free Europe and other partners, is welcome momentum for ESE’s ambition to minimise exposure of the European population to endocrine disruptors.

It is an important milestone that the resolution acknowledges the risk of exposure to a mixture of chemicals. This issue was actively raised by ESE during a meeting with Members of the European Parliament, and most notably during their joint event at the European Parliament in partnership with the Endocrine Society in November 2018. It is also of note that the resolution calls for an EU horizontal legislative framework to be introduced no later than June 2020, including a horizontal definition for EDCs based on the WHO definition. This would close current legislative loopholes that permit  industry to use alternative EU laws to ‘rehabilitate’ a compound identified as an EDC under EU legislation. 

Being a research-oriented society, ESE applauds Members of the European Parliament for the strong emphasis of the resolution text on research. Additional funding for this area is key to enable the scientific community to speed up their efforts to provide society with a better understanding of the risks of endocrine disruptors. 





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