Find out the results of our Mapping Endocrinology in Europe survey

Results of the Mapping Endocrinology in Europe survey were presented at the ECE 2019 Congress in Lyon last week. This survey, building on the opinions of 3111 endocrine clinicians and researchers, and supported by the data from a survey from National Societies that are part of ECAS, is instrumental in demonstrating what endocrinology stands for in terms of professional environment of the endocrinologists and researchers, but also with regard to future trends and needs for improvement in their respective areas. As such, the results contribute to highlighting challenges that impact on the future of endocrinology and support ESE’s development of an informed and effective policy and advocacy strategy that can help us to shape the future of endocrinology.

The results were presented during ECE 2019 on Sunday morning May 19, 8.00-8.45, you can watch the session here

One of the important findings of the survey relates to EU research funding opportunities. A relatively high % of respondents were not aware of the various mechanisms of research funding. ESE invited Mrs Valérie Handweiler, a National Contact Person for the Horizon program (Montpellier, France), to share her insights and experience around successful grant applications at ECE2019. Mrs Handweiler spoke at the ECE Hub, on Tuesday May 21, 13.00-13.45 and this is also available to watch here.