We are gathering opinions about our membership benefits to ensure we are providing our members with the best opportunities and support. Help shape our services and join one of our small open focus groups at ECE 2019 to have your say.

We would like you to tell us what you feel we are doing well or not so well, which benefits are the most relevant and used by you – and which are the least - and also discuss grants and awards to help us shape our membership offering to meet our member’s needs. Share your views and you could help shape the future of ESE membership.

Have your say on ESE’s membership packages

During ECE 2019 we are asking our members and non-members (students, nurses, clinicians, early career and basic scientists) to join one of a small number of focus groups for a 30-45 minute discussion about ESE’s membership packages and benefits.

We would like to know:

  • What are we (ESE) doing ‘right’ or ‘not quite right’ for our members?
  • What are the key benefits you see of being an ESE member, and which of the member benefits listed you use or not.
  • What benefits would you like to see included and which are not of interest to you.
  • What sort of grants/awards/support is the MOST and LEAST beneficial to you?
  • What educational resources would you like to see developed or take part in?
  • And if you are not currently an ESE member, what one thing would make ESE membership a must have for you?

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Focus groups will be held at various times between Sunday 19 May and Tuesday 21 May at the ECE 2019 venue.  As a thank you for your participation (limited places available) you will receive a €20 Amazon voucher.

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