How can ESE help you?

We are constantly looking at ways we can help our members and the wider research and healthcare communities to develop and share the best knowledge in endocrine science and health.

To enable this ESE offers:

  • Travel grants: to members, so they are able to attend all ESE events, including the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE)
  • Endorsement: of events, documents and projects, to give the endocrine community ESE’s assurance of quality and independence
  • Small Meeting Grants: providing vital funds to help small meetings get started and enable endocrinologists to come together, discuss the latest developments and generate the new ideas essential for the future of our discipline
  • Short-Term Fellowship Programme: helping researchers travel abroad and learn vital new skills needed for their research
  • ESE-SEEDER-EU Grant: (new!) supporting the development of international consortia and helping them to successfully apply for European funding

If you need help and assistance to start a local meeting, learn vital new skills or apply for European funding, visit our Grants and Awards webpages for more information





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