Introducing HRA Pharma Rare Diseases Cushing's Hub

HRA Pharma Rare Diseases is happy to announce the funding of the ‘Cushing’s Hub’ through an unrestricted educational grant. The hub, developed by Springer Healthcare Education, is a unique online platform that will collate all important information on Cushing’s Syndrome in one place for any medical professional to access. The platform is the first of its kind in being an online space dedicated to the discussion of all aspects of the condition.

The hub is led and managed by an independent editorial board made up of three international Cushing’s Syndrome experts; Professor Frédéric Castinetti from France; Dr Niki Karavitaki from the UK; and Associate Professor Dr Greisa Vila from Austria.

Cushing’s syndrome includes a variety of aetiologies of hypercortisolism which makes it challenging to manage, requiring a high level of expertise. For this reason, the launch of Cushing’s Hub will help healthcare professionals in the endocrinology field provide optimal care for patients with Cushing’s syndrome.

The website is a place where physicians can check the information sources, in an entertaining way and without moving outside their office. News from the literature, expert editorials, full-text articles, infographics of study highlights, and videos about recent high-impact articles, as well as interesting clinical case studies will be regularly published.

The Editorial Board will select the most relevant and interesting articles about Cushing’s syndrome, and the platform will be updated in a timely way.

What does the board say about the Cushing’s Hub?

Prof. Frédéric Castinetti, Marseille, France: “Anything you need to know, any question you might have about Cushing’s syndrome… you’ll find the answer on Cushing’s hub, the missing link between you and your clinic.”

Dr Niki Karavitaki, Birmingham, United Kingdom: “A vibrant source of information, knowledge and experience on one of the most demanding, but so fascinating, conditions in endocrinology!”

Assoc. Prof. Dr Greisa Vila, Vienna, Austria: “Stay up to date with standards of care and latest research in Cushing’s syndrome using Cushing’s Hub: a contemporary collection of relevant information for your daily practice.”

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