Introducing the European Endocrinology Research Roadmap project

Date: February 2023

The ESE Executive Committee has decided to move forward with the development of a European Research Roadmap for Endocrinology.

The primary objective of the research roadmap is to outline the specific research needs and opportunities in the area of endocrine health and disease that, when addressed in future research calls and funding programs, will contribute to better health in Europe. The first audience for this is European and National research and health policymakers and funding bodies, as a prime source of research funding in Europe.

We anticipate additional benefits of this project:

  • Articulation of the priorities of research towards other funding mechanisms
  • Demonstration of the research attractiveness in endocrinology towards young researchers
  • Alignment of the endocrine community around a common vision of research priorities
  • Identification of clinical priorities
  • Development of a clear vision to other stakeholders around areas of high medical need and development opportunities

The Research Roadmap aims to reflect the research needs of the European endocrine community. Driven by the engagement of the ESE Focus Area Leads and experts and the collaboration of the ESE affiliated partner societies in the area of endocrine health and disease, the roadmap will pass through a broad phase of expert consultation, discussion about research gaps and needs, and writing of specific recommendations. The engagement of the broader community in a consultation process will be sought when a draft research roadmap has become available.

The final deliverables of this project will be:
   1.    Detailed research roadmaps for the different areas of endocrinology that will ultimately be the subject of one or several scientific publications
   2.    A research and health policy-derived summary that outlines to policy and funding stakeholders the most important areas of endocrinology where research investment will provide the highest societal returns
   3.    A communication and dissemination platform to respective target audiences.

You can find up-to-date information on the project here.