Invitation to all ESE Members with an interest in Thyroid and Graves’ disease to contribute to an important survey

Dr. Henry Burch from the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Danilo Villagelin from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas in Brazil, and Dr. David Cooper from The Johns Hopkins Hospital and The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the USA are conducting a survey of current practices in the management of Graves' disease.  They would like your contribution to what they expect to be a truly global survey of current practices in the management of Graves’ disease.

The treatment of Graves' disease has evolved over the last decade, as reflected in the most recent American and European clinical practice guidelines.  The last large international survey was published by their group in 2012 (  With this new survey, they will explore contemporary and controversial management topics, including pregnancy planning in women with Graves’ disease, Graves’ disease management in the elderly, and long-term antithyroid drug therapy. They hope that the results, when presented and published, will be both thought-provoking and useful to practising endocrinologists across the globe.

The survey is composed of an index case and 3 variations. The estimated completion time is approximately 10 minutes.    

Please click here to access the survey and add your contribution.


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