Learn about PARAT Programme Progress

The meeting report from the 1st Expert Workshop on Parathyroid Disorders, the first of several PARAT programme activity outputs, has now been published. 

ESE is carrying out a short survey alongside this report to gather feedback on parathyroid disorder awareness from both expert and wider endocrine communities. This will be followed by a digital newsletter, guest edited by Lars Rejnmark, a more detailed review article and an expanded 2nd Expert Workshop in late June 2019.

The PARAT programme, led by a Steering Committee chaired by Jens Bollerslev (Norway), aims to identify, define and plan the delivery of solutions to improve future outcomes and care for patients with parathyroid disorders. Planned activities include expert meetings, educational materials, research activities and publications. It is supported by the ESE Focus Area on Calcium and Bone, the ESE Clinical and Educational Committees, as well as the wider parathyroid community.

The 1st Expert Workshop, held in September 2018 with an agenda focusing on parathyroid cancers, primary hyperparathyroidism and hypoparathyroidism, brought together 35 expert faculty and participants to formulate the future PARAT programme.

For more updates, visit the PARAT page on the ESE website.