New Deputy Editors at the European Journal of Endocrinology


On behalf of the ESE Executive Committee, we are pleased to announce the appointment of three new deputy editors for our prestigious journal, the European Journal of Endocrinology (EJE).

The deputy editors will work closely with Wiebke Arlt, our new Editor-in-Chief, who took office from 1 January 2019. Together they make a remarkable team who, we are sure, will drive forward our beloved journal to new heights.

We welcome the deputy editors:

Juliane Léger, Professor at the Department of Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes and Head of the Reference Center for Rare Endocrine Growth Diseases at Robert Debré University Hospital in France will focus on the thyroid. Her research interests include various aspects of thyroid and pituitary disease management and long-term consequences of intrauterine malnutrition on growth, neurodevelopmental outcome and metabolic disorders.

Robert Semple, Professor of Translational Molecular Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, UK will focus on diabetes, metabolism and lipids. His clinical and research interests are on the role of disordered insulin action in disease, and on mechanisms underpinning adipose tissue resilience and plasticity across life course. He also has a major interest in somatic mosaic activation of growth signalling pathways, which he and others have shown to produce a wide range of segmental overgrowth disorders that may be amenable to targeted therapy.

Olaf Dekkers, Endocrinologist and Epidemiologist at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands will focus on methodological aspects. His research interests are endocrine diseases, meta-analysis and methodology of research. He works in close collaboration with the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine in Bern, Switzerland and with the Department of Clinical Epidemiology in Aarhus, Denmark.




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