News from Brussels: ESE Opens EU Office

ESE has officially opened its EU Office in Brussels. The office will form a bridge between the ESE community and the EU institutions and European stakeholder’s that ESE aspires to work with. In future, ESE intends to expand the office to increase our contribution to the voice of endocrinology at the EU level. The ESE Executive Committee, supported by the ESE Office, currently has the challenging but exciting task of setting the Public Affairs Priorities for ESE in 2020 – 21. These priorities will be discussed in more detail in the next edition of News from Brussels.

A new European Commission President has been elected to succeed Jean Claude Juncker from the first of November. After one of the longest European Council meetings it was, not for the first time, the French delegation that came up with a name everybody could live with, but few outside the political establishment have ever heard off Ursula von der Leyen. The former defence minister and physician, specialising in women’s health, is known as a Francophile, which explains the nomination by France, and is firmly pro-Europe. On the 50th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty in 2013, she said, “France and Germany are not only the heart of the European idea, but also its motor”.

Regarding healthcare, Mrs von der Leyen has expressed a keen interest in tackling cancer. It was the only disease she explicitly mentioned in her “Agenda for Europe” that she presented to the European Parliament when she successfully rallied for their support to become the next European Commission President. With one of the five research missions of the EU also focusing on cancer, we can expect a broad focus of the EU on this area in the next 5 years. An important task now awaits ESE and its newly established EU Office, to ensure that endocrine cancers will be an integral part of this long-awaited EU coordinated research push.




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