November Update from the ESE President

In the first one hundred days of my Presidency, I have been working on putting the key elements of my inclusion plan into action. The ESE Executive Committee and the ESE office team have also been working hard to progress the initiatives as well as keeping our ‘business as usual’ activities running smoothly. One major development has been the progress of our new Rare Disease Committee, in collaboration with ENDO-ERN, to foster full collaboration with the relevant stakeholders in rare disease. Our new Executive Committee member, Simona Glasberg, will be chairing this committee with the Coordinator of Endo-ERN Adult chair, Alberto Pereira.

One of the main goals of my inclusion plan is to increase ESE membership to enable us to represent European endocrinology more effectively at the institution level. So, we have formed the new Membership Committee and the co-Chairs have already started working on growing our membership in a proactive and sustainable way.

I am also very pleased that the early career member task force will soon be created and feeding into the Education Committee. This task force will have the specific aim of design initiatives for younger ESE members and will involve EYES members too.

The Congress Committee will take the lead in building the programme of our annual flagship activity, the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE). ECE 2020 is shaping up extremely well and the Programme Organising Committee is doing a tremendous job putting together an excellent programme. Abstract submission and registration are now open so join please join us in Prague for excellent science, networking and friendship!

I will update you on ESE progress and plans for the next year there. As ever, I would like to hear your comments and thoughts so please email or Tweet @EsePresident.

Warm best wishes,
Andrea Giustina






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