Thank you to everyone who completed the ESE Mapping Endocrinology in Europe Survey

As part of our mission to shape the future of endocrinology, ESE launched a survey in 2018 to gather essential data on the current state and impact of the endocrine discipline across Europe.

Together with an upcoming literature review and desk research around the value of endocrinology to European healthcare, this survey data will form the basis for the development of a White Paper on Endocrinology in Europe, and the prioritisation of our future Policy & Advocacy activities.

We are delighted that over 3000 endocrine professionals responded, which included:   

  • 1526 ESE members - a record 42% of all ESE members took the survey – this is an outstanding result
  • 1565 non-members
  • 1656 respondents who indicated they were purely clinicians
  • 1162 respondents who indicated they were involved with the clinic and research
  • 273 respondents who indicated they were involved in research only

We would like to thank our members and all our affiliated societies who helped by supporting and distributing the survey.

When the full results have been evaluated we will make them available to all of our members and through the website.





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