Update from EuroPit 2019

The 2019 European Multidisciplinary Course of Pituitary Tumours (EuroPit) was held 14 - 16 November 2019 in Annecy, France.

EuroPit is a unique multidisciplinary course on pituitary tumours, sponsored by IPSEN and endorsed by ESE. It was located at “Les Pensières”, in a beautiful country house, transformed into a conference centre. It was chaired by Marta Korbonits, endocrinologist, Michael Buchfelder, neurosurgeon and Jacqueline Trouillas, pathologist, helped by members of the scientific committee, Christian Strasburger, Emmanuel Jouanneau and Alexandre Vasiljevic.

During the three days, 30 young doctors and 20 experts, a mix of endocrinologists, neurosurgeons and pathologists, worked together in a relaxed atmosphere. This year, the selected students came from across 17 European countries and also from Australia, Nepal and Israel.

The aim of the course is to provide a foundation in the diagnosis and the management of pituitary diseases and to create a sense of community for the future doctors who will be managing pituitary disorders, in a multidisciplinary team. The programme covered pathology, surgery, investigation and the treatment of the pituitary tumours. Each student presented a case report, which was discussed in the plenary session. After each talk, time was reserved for discussion with the faculty, who were present in the conference room during whole the course. A “thinking” session was organised to stimulate exchanges between students and faculty, and to contribute to the establishment of new collaborations. During the pathology session, slides of tumours were presented.

Jacqueline Trouillas and the EuroPit Scientific Committee: "We hope that we have passed on our passion for this beautiful gland to those who represent the younger generation of clinicians and pathologists."

This year also marked the first time that ESE has managed the meeting, we hope that the delegates and faculty enjoyed the meeting and look forward to our ongoing involvement in the future. 

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