Update from the 11th Meeting of the ESE Council of Affiliated Societies

11th ECAS Meeting

The 11th Meeting of the ESE Council of Affiliated Societies was held on 17 November 2018 in Warsaw, Poland.

Made up of representatives from the ESE Executive Committee and ESE’s National Affiliated Societies, the Council discusses and promotes collaborative initiatives across Europe and beyond to advance and support the endocrine community, including:

• The reduced ‘National Affiliate Membership’ of ESE offered to the members of the National Affiliated Societies, helping promote membership of both the National Society and of ESE, leading to improved international collaboration and communication within the endocrine community.

• The efforts that ESE and the National Societies have been making to impact endocrine-related Policy and Advocacy decisions within the EU and wider Europe. The ongoing project looking at Mapping Endocrinology in Europe, for example, relies heavily on input from the wider European endocrine community, and the support of the National Affiliated Societies is helping to make this a success.

• Harmonisation of education within clinical endocrine education in Europe – ESE and the Council of Affiliated Societies have worked together to develop the ESE Recommended Curriculum and the European Board Examination in Clinical Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism. Future efforts will address the availability and access of education.

The Council also discussed future projects, including the development of a universally accessible database of Centres of Special Interest, allowing researchers and clinicians to search and find endocrinologists, helping them to work together to develop and share the best knowledge in endocrine science and medicine, as well as efforts to increase engagement and support within the European endocrine research community.

The Council will meet again during ECE 2019 in Lyon, France.

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