Welcome to your new Executive Committee members

Your two new Executive Committee members were elected by an online vote earlier this year and they officially took office at the Annual General Meeting held online on 24 May 2022.


Cynthia Andoniadou, Chair of the ESE Congress Committee

Cynthia Andoniadou is a basic scientist researching stem cells of endocrine tissues, and their regulation in homeostasis and disease. She was born in Athens, Greece, and carried out her studies in the UK, where she established her research career.

Cynthia is a Reader in Stem Cell Biology at the Centre for Craniofacial & Regenerative Biology, King’s College London and Associate Dean for Postgraduate Research for the Faculty. She has a joint affiliation with the Centre for Internal Medicine, Technische Universität Dresden as a Group Leader. Cynthia obtained her PhD in Anatomy and Developmental Biology from UCL, having carried out her graduate research on neural stem cells at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research. She completed her postdoctoral studies at the UCL Institute of Child Health, working on mechanisms of disease pathogenesis of congenital defects affecting the forebrain and pituitary gland, before focusing on pituitary gland stem cells.

Cynthia established her research group at King’s College London in 2013 and is the recipient of a Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine Research Prize (2016) and SfE Starling Medal (2022). She is an active member of the UK and international endocrine community and an advocate for strengthening basic endocrinology research.   

In her election statement, Cynthia said:

I am a basic scientist working on endocrine stem cells and the pituitary gland. I actively support our community through committee work, training and conference organisation nationally and internationally through the Society for Endocrinology, ESE and the Endocrine Society. As an advocate for high quality research training, I am in the steering group of a cross-European Endocrinology training network and Associate Dean for Postgraduate Research for my Faculty. I facilitated the launch of ESE Spotlight on Science, a series of interactive Masterclasses illuminating science behind hot endocrine topics, and I am participating as a mentor in the recently established EYES Research Observership Program. To improve opportunities and diversity for women in European endocrinology, together with esteemed colleagues, we founded the European Women in Endocrinology (EUWIN) initiative. 

I want to support our community to achieve our best selves in our research, clinical practice and education and to seize opportunities to strengthen the interactions among our basic, translational and clinical members. 

I have a huge amount of enthusiasm for supporting, advancing and innovating initiatives, which will benefit and unite our diverse community, and I believe that I can put this to good use at the ESE Executive Committee.  


Maria Chiara Zatelli, ESE Secretary

Maria Chiara Zatelli is a Professor of Endocrinology at the University of Ferrara and Head of the Endocrine Unit at the University Hospital in Ferrara, Italy. Her major research interests are neuroendocrine, thyroid and pituitary tumours, both from the clinical and the translational point of view, focussing on prognostic factors and resistance to medical treatment. She is a member of several international and Italian national societies and is involved in numerous collaborative studies. She collaborates with Patient organisations and is involved in several activities at the School of Medicine and the Residency School in Endocrinology of the University of Ferrara. She is very interested in developing the innovative potential of the new generations.

In her election statement, Maria Chiara said:

I am an ESE member since 2008, regularly attending the European Congress of Endocrinology. I have been serving in the ESE as a member of the 2012 EJE prize jury; ESE Science Committee (2015-2019); Clinical Endocrinology Trust Award Jury (2018 and 2019); ECE 2020 and 2021 Program Organising committee’s; 2021 ESE Focus Area Expert Panel on Endocrine-related Cancer. I am currently serving in Endocrine Views Editorial Board.

I strongly believe ESE can make the difference in promoting scientific, cultural and social exchanges among European Endocrinologists, building a strong and healthy community. My candidacy aims at serving in the ESE to promote the growth of endocrinology in Europe, as a woman and as a researcher.

My interest in translational endocrinology led me to meet both basic and clinical researchers in Europe and exchange ideas on the future on this fascinating subject.

The support of my international friends in ESE and of the Italian Society of Endocrinology convinced me to submit my candidacy for the ESE Executive Committee, in order to promote scientific, cultural and social exchanges with a special attention to the younger generation. I believe my contribution to ESE might help the Society to better identify and satisfy the needs of ESE members. I would like to promote together the accomplishment of significant goals - ones we identify together. It would be my great honour to take these next steps with you.


 A full list of the ESE Executive Committee is here.